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Wall Abacus A

The abacus teaches basic counting, and also stimulates eye-hand coordination.The abacus teaches basic counting, and also stimulates eye-hand coordination.

Price 28.50 €

The Hive

Bees are one of the most important creatures on Earth. Thanks to their work as pollinators we have many plants, vegetables and fruits.

Price 28.50 €

Rainbow Train

This is a random game where children learn to associate colures as well as develop their visual memory and even discover strategic moves. 

Price 18.00 €

The Whale Familly

This toy shows 7 species of whales in a form of a sorting board. They are bigger and smaller, all of them very cute.

Price 27.75 €

World Of Butterflies

This sorter pictures some of butterfly species from around the world. It perfects the skill of picking up differences and picking out the details hard to see at the first sight.

Price 27.75 €

Lacing Shoe

Playing with this toy helps develop gross and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.  

Price 17.25 €

Blocks Manhattan

Playing with the blocks helps exercise coordination and in result improves child’s fine motor skills.

Price 31.50 €