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Carved Alphabet Blocks

13 cubes with words, carved letters and pictures. These colorful bricks are the perfect introduction to learning to read and write in English.

Price 18.75 €

The Hive

Bees are one of the most important creatures on Earth. Thanks to their work as pollinators we have many plants, vegetables and fruits.

Price 28.50 €

Alphabet 40

The set consists of 80 letters on 40 cubic blocks, which allows to compose the first simple words.

Price 20.25 €

Rainbow Train

This is a random game where children learn to associate colures as well as develop their visual memory and even discover strategic moves. 

Price 18.00 €


Playing with this toy is very beneficial for child’s healthy development. 

Price 26.25 €

Blocks 43

A set of blocks helps to learn colors and shapes and trains eye-hand coordination

Price 37.50 €