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The Whale Familly

This toy shows 7 species of whales in a form of a sorting board. They are bigger and smaller, all of them very cute.

Price 27.75 €

World Of Butterflies

This sorter pictures some of butterfly species from around the world. It perfects the skill of picking up differences and picking out the details hard to see at the first sight.

Price 27.75 €

Pusher Tour

The fastest collage! Cyclists are going so fast that they have to ring the bell to alert other road users.

Price 13.50 €

Domino Animals

28-element wooden dominoes with wild animals graphics, designed to be arranged horizontally and vertically. 

Price 27.00 €

Carved Alphabet Blocks

13 cubes with words, carved letters and pictures. These colorful bricks are the perfect introduction to learning to read and write in English.

Price 18.75 €