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The whale familly

This toy shows 7 species of whales in a form of a sorting board. They are bigger and smaller, all of them very cute.

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Yellowbird peg

Wilga, one of the group of friendly birds, will gladly live in a children's room to bring some color and joy to it! And in addition... the birds will help keep order.

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Rainbow train

This is a random game where children learn to associate colures as well as develop their visual memory and even discover strategic moves. 

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Chicken Aneta

Chicken it's a great friend who helps a child to fall asleep.

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Noah's ark

The ark can be used as a starting point to tell the parable of Noah and Nammah, or to invent new alternative versions of the story.

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While playing with this Mendelson toy a child’s imagination is captured and its gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination developed and improved.

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The whole body is involved while playing with the cicada thus contributing to the development of gross motor skills.  

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