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The Whale Familly

This toy shows 7 species of whales in a form of a sorting board. They are bigger and smaller, all of them very cute.

Price 27.75 €

Wobbling Goblin

It's a goblin! It rocks and sways in all directions. Where are his legs? he doesn't need them! It's a Wobbling Goblin!

Price 11.25 €

Domino Animals

28-element wooden dominoes with wild animals graphics, designed to be arranged horizontally and vertically. 

Price 27.00 €

Safebox dog

The dog has four wheels, fangs and long trunk. That’s an ideal camouflage if you want to hide something safely.

Price 27.00 €

Blocks 102

A set of blocks helps to learn colors and shapes and trains eye-hand coordination.

Price 45.00 €

Mini kicks

This toy helps exercise hand-eye coordination and in result improves child’s fine motor skills.

Price 29.25 €