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This toy helps a child develop manual skills, hand-eye coordination and teaches it diligence and patience.

Price 23.25 €


With every move of the toy – pushing, rolling, driving on furniture – a child discovers the space and the strength within itself.

Price 14.25 €

Alphabet 40

The set consists of 80 letters on 40 cubic blocks, which allows to compose the first simple words.

Price 20.25 €

Ambulance Helicopter

With every move of the toy – pushing or making it fly in different directions – a child discovers the space and the strength within itself and develops gross motor skills.

Price 12.75 €


Playing angler helps develop fine motor skills thus enhancing hand-eye coordination. 

Price 27.75 €


A whole body is involved while playing with the Bajocycle thus contributing to the development of gross motor skills and manual skills

Price 63.75 €

Bears mobile

Smooth and calm movement will focus the attention of young children and will be one of the first toys to develop the imagination.

Price 21.75 €

Big ladybird

The form without sharp edges, and the suitable size help improve grasping and recognize shapes. 

Price 16.50 €