199 where does the name come from?

A completely young child already knows the number hundred. When it says: I have a hundred! It means that it has a lot of something and we also have a lot of interesting toys for you.

We want to offer such a number of products that you can devote your full attention to, without getting tired of watching them. That's why we offer a set of 199 toys that will be constantly changed.

Who are we?

We are a group of different people: artists, designers, technologists, educators, psychologists, teachers, educators and, of course, parents. We all believe that choosing the right toy is an extremely important decision.

Play is really a serious work of a little man, which allows him to discover the world and himself. In every language, the word play conjures up a certain picture. Most often we see a cheerful, colorful, carefree world, forgetting that during the play, the child also experiences other, more difficult emotions, such as: feeling of finality or failure.

We want to offer you toys that create a real bond between the child and the world. Toys thanks to which, the child is the author of their play, as opposed to toys which amuse the child by leaving him passive.

Creative play opens the child's mind and becomes an introduction to the world of education, by learning abstract concepts and developing symbolic imagination.

That's why the toys presented at 199toys, can be called: a pieces of art!