Wild forest theatre


Dostawa w ciągu 2-4 dni roboczych


30 dni na zwrot

Who can you meet in a forest?

You can see a mound of sticks and a beaver on it. A squirrel climbs a tree and birds sing their songs above it. And who is hiding behind a tree? That’s a mighty Wisent, glancing in our direction. Next to it, a Moose calmly emerges from the bush. Even the Boar Family left their hiding. There is also a Lynx, but it is a shy creature and not that easy to spot. All of the plants and animals co-create the forest. But this forest is special, as it is also a theatre and its inhabitants are actors. The parts they play tell the story of forest life. Playing theatre significantly contributes to a child’s healthy development and helps practice the ability to translate thoughts into words and to solve problems.

The boards of the forest theatre are not painted. The Bajo company makes sure that every toy has a wooden element without any coat of paint in order for children to get to know, see and feel the structure of wood.


Data sheet

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Beech wood
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